​Do you have a garden deck, patio, balcony, fence or other application at your house made of UPM ProFi products? Share your outdoor living room with us!

Send us your photos by e-mail to profi (at) Photos will be published on MyProFi photo gallery within 2 working days after receiving the email. When you send your photos, please mention product name, colour and deck location, for example: UPM ProFi Deck, Snow Blue, Lyon, France. Please also mention the name of the photographer, if you want to have it published with the photo.

​UPM ProFi may edit the photo for online purposes if needed. There is no reward on published photos. UPM ProFi team decides which photos are published. Person sending the photo is responsible for the permission to publish the photo on UPM ProFi web sites.

Photos may be used on UPM ProFi marketing materials and can be seen on UPM ProFi @ Flickr - MyProFi photos.

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