UPM ProFi - The next generation material for architects, landscape designers & specifiers in WPC projects

​Designed and manufactured in Finland, Germany and USA, UPM ProFi products have set new standards in performance of WPC projects. They have been awarded the Green Good Design award and used in several international award-winning WPC projects.

Whilst enabling a completely different look and feel, both UPM ProFi’s Design Deck range and the Classic Deck range offer lower maintenance and longer life than traditional WPC decking materials.

​In 2005, UPM’s research scientists in Finland developed a new material that solved two separate problems in WPC projects at the same time. The new composite offered better colour durability and stain resistance than traditional wpc deckings. Over 60% of the raw material of the new composite could be sourced from self-adhesive label waste. No recycling solution previously existed for this waste.

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UPM ProFi products

  • Are recycled and recyclable
  • Are pvc free and non toxic
  • Have a low carbon foot print
  • Qualify for LEED credits
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​Stain resistance can only be achieved when the fibres are totally encapsulated with polymer. Many traditional WPC deckings have a wire brushed surface in which the fibers are exposed. Other WPC deckings achieve stain resistance, but lose the natural look and feel by covering the material with a thin layer of pure plastic. UPM ProFi composite deckings manage to offer both the natural look and feel of a composite and the superior stain resistance of a closed surface. The innovative material is perfectly suited for outdoor WPC projects where beauty and durability are required.

​Impact resistance depends on the selection of the right polymer, good profile design, and complete bonding of fibres and polymers. Many traditional WPC deckings will crack in cold temperatures or lose their strength in hotter climates. Engineered to perform, UPM ProFi WPC projects can be found in North of the Arctic Circle as well as in hot climates.
​The patented Rail Step is an example of UPM ProFi’s total system approach. The profile enables fast and clean looking construction of stairs or can be used for a hard wearing deck edging. A full range of accessories are offered as part of the UPM ProFi range.​

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One advantage of UPM ProFi deckings’ closed surface is that, unlike traditional WPC deckings, they may be installed on a flat surface with zero degrees inclined. The fibre encapsulation is so complete that UPM ProFi deckings will retain their structural performance if installed under water.

​As UPM ProFi’s Design Deck range is made with lignin free cellulose fibres, it enjoys better colour durability than traditional WPC deckings. As lignin is the substance in wood that turns grey when exposed to uv light, most traditional WPC deckings are not available in light and brighter colours. UPM ProFi’s Design Decking enables a fresh and clean alternative look in WPC projects.

The natural textured surface of UPM ProFi’s deckings ensures good friction whether wet or dry.
​The innovation behind the development of UPM ProFi of UPM ProFi as a new sustainable material has been recognized with several prestigious awards.

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Several renowned architects and designers have trusted UPM ProFi in commercial and public WPC projects across Europe.
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UPM ProFi project support service provides technical advice for large WPC projects.
The service includes:

  • Assistance in deck design and optimal installation techniques for large WPC projects
  • Providing technical data concerning the performance properties and maintenance of WPC decking
  • Compliance with building standards and eligibility for LEED certification
  • Specification texts
  • Tailor made possibilities for large WPC projects
  • Training days for continued professional development
  • Factory visits

Contact with the WPC project support service can be made as follows

UPM ProFi works in a close co-operation with a network of local landscapers and landscape architects arranging WPC decking trainings and consulting in WPC projects. We are a member of GaLaBau in Germany, UNEP and FFP in France and BALI in UK. For more information, please contact us.

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Designed and Manufactured in Finland, Germany and USA, UPM ProFi products have been engineered to perform in various WPC projects. None the less, the products are supported by comprehensive warranties that are backed by UPM, a global manufacturer with a turnover in excess of € 10 billion (2013).

The warranties guarantee the structural integrity of the UPM ProFi’s product range over a period of years that depends on the product and the application. Full details can be obtained from the project support service.


​As the frontrunner of the new forest industry UPM leads the integration of bio and forest industries into a new, sustainable and innovation-driven future. We create value from renewable and recyclable materials.

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